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Submitted by Zenaida May 5, 2012, 4:09 a.m.

Tumi And Zubz: TZ Deluxe – Where Were You

In Tumi's own words -

"This is a mixtape Zubz and I did in 3 days. We hadn’t worked together the whole of last year and that felt unusual for us.

December always makes us think back to the golden era of kwaito and it hit us, do a kwaito mixtape. Our approach was not to over think the process, just do what comes and we set a three day limit for ourselves. Our engineer Instro chopped up the old school kwaito hits and we wrote song 3 songs a day. We not trying to ride on anybody’s fame or glory, we just wanted to reintepret some of our favourite kwaito tunes and try and relive those magic moments, but most
importantly pay homage to the original artists."

The names Tumi and Zubz need no introduction, and a project involving the two of them can only result in something special. Just look at that awesome cover! Don’t waste another minute, just click below:

DOWNLOAD: TZ Deluxe – Where Were You

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